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Roof Moss
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Solar Panel Cleaning
Roof Maintenance Cleaning+Repair
Christmas Light Install+Remove
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Howard Bass, Owner

About Us


HousePrep is a family owned business with extremely high standards


HousePrep is a professional home maintenance and cleaning company specializing in seasonal maintenance services and outdoor home beautification. Our family owned business currently services the entire Bay area, East Bay, and Tri-Valley communities.


We are the kind of company that is seeking constant improvement in order to provide our valued clients the highest quality possible through our many unique services.


We seek perfection in every service we provide, not just trying to get the job done and get paid. We are building relationships with our clients by proving to you that we are worthy of your continued business and trust.


Our expert employees are thoroughly trained in every service we provide and held to the highest standards.


HousePrep owner Howard Bass is personally a part of every job (whether in actually doing some of the work or just making sure that it's done 100% the way you want and it was discussed.


Our employees:
  1. Treat your property as it should be, the way you would want it done.
  2. Never smoke or drink on the job - EVER !
  3. Are expected to try their hardest on every job and seek perfect results. I, as the owner, make sure of it by checking on all work and performances regularly.
  4. Know our goal is to build trust and respect with our clients, not just to get the job done.

We provide services to:

  • Residential homes
  • Realtors
  • Apartments
  • Property managers/management companies.


I believe we operate on the highest ethical standards in our industry.


                                                                               - Howard S. Bass, Owner, HousePrep



Trustworthy Service Done Right the First Time !